Integrated DC Rectifier & Solar Platform

Controllis Smart48 DC power system

The Controllis Smart48 DC power system is an efficient and highly scalable DC power platform that can provide both mains rectification and / or MPPT solar array input and control in a single compact equipment shelf.

The solar array input can be prioritised over the mains input and the Smart48 can automatically revert to mains power when the solar power is no longer sufficient (for example during evening hours). This enables an operator to make the maximum use of solar power within their network and to dramatically reduce mains energy costs and carbon emissions.

The system is highly scalable and can provide from 2kW to 300kW and can be deployed in any part of an operators’ network infrastructure from small mobile cell sites to large datacentres. Designed for telecoms applications the Controllis Smart48 DC power system has the following features:

  • High power density, 19” 4U sub rack for deployment into standard telecoms enclosures
  • Front access and operation with dry contact capability
  • Hot swappable 2kW and 3kW rectifier modules with n+1 redundancy
  • 3kW solar MPPT module
  • Two levels of Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) and two battery MCB’s
  • Intelligent fan cooling and ECO mode

The system has an advanced control module with LCD screen, front input keys, Ethernet and RS485 interfaces and can be monitored and controlled via SNMP. The control module provides advanced battery management for lead acid and lithium ion batteries and battery mid point monitoring. Authority access level protection is provided along with high levels of event and alarm logging.

The Smart48 DC power system can be deployed in several applications including:

  • Standalone DC rectifier or Solar MPPT control system
  • Combined DC rectifier with Solar prioritisation
  • Deployment in fixed, mobile, broadband, satellite and other networks
  • Deployed as an integrated part of the Controllis Modular48 hybrid power system

For more information on the Smart48 DC power system please contact us.