IonLife Battery

Scalable, Compact and Cost Effective

The Controllis IonLiFe® 48-105 is a 105 Amp hour 48V lithium-iron phosphate battery pack designed specifically for telecommunications deployment. The IonLiFe® 48-105 fits into a standard 19” ETSI rack and multiple units can be clustered to create a substantial battery bank. The lithium-ion cost per kilowatt hour cycle is now lower than that of lead-acid thanks to its much higher cycle life – making it ideal for hybrid applications.

Better Performance, Safety and Efficiency

Controllis has deployed many hybrid systems using both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. We have now standardised on using lithium-ion phosphate because it is more cost effective over the whole life of the battery system and provides important technical, operational and logistical advantages. These include: 

  • Superior usable capacity
  • Extended cycle life
  • Fast charging and less ‘wasted’ energy when charging
  • Ability to deliver full capacity at high current
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Easier storage and deployment
  • Smaller and lighter than lead-acid
  • More cost effective than lead-acid

Intelligent Control

Controllis IonLiFe® batteries communicate directly with the Controllis RSC-HMU hybrid system controller which also regulates the charge current and voltage supplied to the batteries from the Controllis DC generators. The tight monitoring and control between the batteries and DC generator ensures a long life even in hybrid cyclic charging mode. The IonLiFe® 48-105 is also ideally suited for use with renewable solar and wind systems.

Hybrid Applications

The IonLiFe® 48-105 battery is designed from the outset for use in hybrid applications. The combination of excellent scalability, very high cycle life and high efficiency mean it is perfectly suited to hybrid cycling with or without renewable inputs such as solar and wind. As part of a complete Controllis hybrid system we can offer an unprecedented 5-year warranty on our IonLiFe® batteries.

Standby Applications

The IonLiFe® 48-105 can also be used in standby applications where it is superior to lead-based solutions in terms of tolerance to heat and overall life. In a typical standby application the battery will have a life exceeding 15 years.