Hybrid Power Unit

Increasing Efficiency and Resilience to Existing and New Sites

The Controllis Smart48 Hybrid Power Unit (HPU) is a flexible energy storage and power system for existing and new-build telecoms sites. It provides reliable and consistent power delivery when the primary power source (mains or generator) is not available.

The Smart48-HPU enables operators to introduce renewable technology onto existing sites or to build new sites with the lowest operating costs and carbon footprint. Existing sites which already have AC generators deployed can be reliably supplemented with the Smart48-HPU system.

The Smart48-HPU ensures continuity of service when mains or AC generators are off line, and also reduces the operating hours and fuel consumption of an AC generator used as the primary or back-up power source.

The Smart48-HPU integrates seamlessly with all types of renewable energy sources thanks to its integrated, scalable IonLiFe® lithium-ion battery bank, renewable energy inputs, AC generator and mains rectification, and remote monitoring and control functionality. On-board control and optimisation prioritises the lowest cost energy sources.

Total Flexibility and Combined Functionality

Flexible and scalable configuration options harvest as much energy as possible from solar and wind to reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs dramatically. Return on investment can often be measured in months compared to years with other systems.

The Smart48-HPU can be deployed in a number of different configurations depending on requirements. It can typically be combined with:

1. An existing AC generator and renewable power source

2. A mains input while optimizing and prioritising the renewable power source

3. A Controllis DC generator and renewables in a combined Modular48 system.

The Smart48-HPU combines a number of functions into a single secure enclosure including:

  • Up to 1500 amp hours (75 kWh) of 48V lithium-ion energy storage
  • Up to 20kW of solar charging capacity
  • Up to 20kW of wind power capacity
  • Up to 30kW of mains rectifier capacity
  • 60U of ETSI 19” rack space for power and communications equipment
  • Temperature controlled environment with free cooling and air conditioning
  • Automated generator control and monitoring
  • Automated fuel level monitoring of existing fuel tanks
  • Site surveillance using POE CCTV
  • Site security lighting and alarming
  • Site security monitoring and access control.
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