DC Generators

The Benefits Of DC Generators

Communications systems in the telecoms, defence, emergency, and utility sectors rely on DC power. This is because DC systems can run uninterrupted off a standby battery when there is a mains power failure.

Standby battery banks are traditionally charged by AC generators, with rectifiers converting the AC into DC. For sites where no mains is available (off-grid) or there is poor mains availability, DC generators represent a better solution.

There are three main benefits to deploying DC generators:

Lower Fuel Consumption

This is achieved through more efficient Variable Speed Operation, the use of permanent magnets and eliminating the need for a coupling or bearing.

Greater Reliability

There are no rectifiers required on off-grid sites and no Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) required for grid connected sites.

Elimination of Site Electricity Theft

Only DC power is produced which it not at all useful for running domestic appliances, so electricity theft is eliminated.

Controllis has revolutionised DC Generator performance, insight and TCO

Controllis has designed the most efficient and reliable DC generator available – all Controllis generators use our unique ultra-high efficiency, 37 phase architecture, and high levels of solid-state redundancy.

All Controllis generators can be securely managed from the cloud. Our powerful remote management system and data analytics capabilities provide meaningful and actionable insights into all aspects of your power network & performance.

This enables operators to truly understand in real-time what is happening in your networks and to minimise your ‘downtime per tower’. This ensures that we provide the optimum Total Cost of Ownership by reducing CAPEX and OPEX – significantly reducing fuel costs and dramatically reducing operations and maintenance costs.

The result is a more cost-efficient, more reliable and better performing power network – saving you money, reducing your business risk and giving you competitive advantage.